Do not place chainsaw carvings directly on Furniture, Flooring, on the ground or in a place of standing water.
Carvings need be set on a non porous items(something that will not wick up water) to lift off floor/ground to allow air flow under the carving
This helps in the drying process.

Bottoms should be painted with exterior acrylic or oil based paint.

Coat Carvings with Helmsman Exterior Polyurethane and apply liberally to carving.

Each of our carvings have 2 coats of exterior polyurethane, we recommend an additional 2 to 3 coats during the first year.
Each additional year apply a single coat to freshen carving and help extend carving life.

During the drying process cracks and checks may appear. This only adds to the carvings rustic charm.

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